I'm available worldwide for development and consulting related to FOSS. I'd be delighted to put my 15+ years of experience at your service.

Don't hesitate to contact me at mpi@.

mpi at EuroBSDCon 2017

Development / Consulting

I can provide advices, guidance, code and even be your mediator. My previous experiences include:

  • Backporting changes and building products on top of FOSS
  • Coordinating development between individuals, companies and communities
  • Introducing peer review, quality processes, tests in developers' workflow
  • Writing drivers, standalone tools, algorithms and support for new protocols
  • Analysing performance bottlenecks and redesigning software to overcome them

OpenBSD Sponsoring

You like my work on OpenBSD and would like to sponsor some specific task? I'd be interested to hear what you're after!

I'm also looking for new sponsors to continue the following ongoing projects:

  • Improve the kernel parallelism: remove the KERNEL_LOCK() (long term)
  • Cisco-compatible MIB for exporting IPsec counters & flows in snmpd(8) (middle term)